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With OldNewExplorer you can set and modify Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Explorer’s functions to look like that of Windows 7. Nearly a year after the launch of Windows 8 by Microsoft Inc., the software giant within October 2013, released Windows 8.1. As widely expected, these versions of the operating system came with exciting changes, particularly in the area of graphic user interface and overall user experience.

When compared to the previous versions of the computer operating system, Windows 8.1 and 10 have distinct features and functions from Windows Vista and Windows 7, respectively.

While some users find these changes amazing and fun to play with, others are struggling with adapting to the new ideas and tools.

For such users, the OldNewExplorer gives you the freedom to modify your Windows 8.1 or 10 to behave like Windows 7 while you still enjoy the benefits that come with a new upgrade. With peculiar configurations for a user, a single installation applies to all users on a PC.

Modify Windows 8 or 10 to look like Windows 7

When installed on a computer, the app changes the storage drive grouping for ease of management and use. Also, the application supports the switch from the Windows Explorer interface to a command bar.

Modify Windows and File Explorer styles

OldNewExplorer also has additional functions for hiding caption text, as well as icons. With the app, a user can enable glass on navigation bars.

The software allows you to enable a user to enable the details pane and view vital information about a particular document or file on the bottom area of the file explorer. These details include file creation-date, document size, and saved format.

Changes made by the user through this utility overrides the default shell styles. And if, for any reason, the changes are not immediately visible, restarting the explorer.exe does a quick fix to that challenge.

Summing it Up

In conclusion, the OldNewExplorer is the solution for users who would want to continue having the Windows 7 functionalities despite upgrading to a higher OS.

Technical details

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