Opera@USB 12.18 build 1872

Opera is one of the fastest and most customizable web browsers on the market today. It is a stable, mature browser with a loyal user base. And now, with Opera@USB, it is completely portable. Now you can take Opera with you anywhere you go and use it on any computer to replace Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. The portable version of the popular browser comes with most of the features of the heavyweight program fully functional. Truth be told, there aren’t many things changed at all. Let’s see what the portable application can help you with. First of all, you will be thrilled to find that the portable version of Opera does not interfere with other browsers in any way. Don’t worry about causing harm to any of these applications.

The most obvious benefit of the web browser is its ability to reside on a flash drive and work from it perfectly. You don’t need to install it anywhere. Just plug in the thumb drive and there you have it: Opera. You can use it with any Windows computer at your friends’, the Internet caf©, or at school. All you need is a flash drive and a computer that has an Internet connection.

The program does not leave any information or data on the computer it is used on. This means that nobody can track your activity (very useful in Internet cafes and at school). The browser supports extensions just like its older brother. Also, you can apply themes and skins to customize the program to your liking. You get Opera Turbo, the feature that compresses web pages so that they take up less data on a metered connection. The Tab Previews feature is also present. Although it is not the most popular web browser of the moment, Opera is making steady progress.

The user interface is constantly improved and the speed at which web pages and scripts are rendered increases. Opera@USB takes advantage of these improvements as well, so this little web browser is your perfect companion wherever you go. You can use it on a laptop or a Windows computer anywhere. The program, although not installed, is stable and performs very well in our tests.

Compared to Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, the portable Opera is faster at rendering web pages and executing scripts.

Technical details

Latest version:12.18 build 1872File name:operausb1218int.zipMD5 checksum:EAC0FF06F27464BD5233269E448A0863File size:21.47 MBLicense:FreeSupported OSWindows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7Author:Markus Obermair

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