Pale Moon 28.13.0

A very interesting name for a web browser, don’t you agree? However, Pale Moon is an interesting browser in its own right. It is an open source project based on Mozilla Firefox code.

The program received only selected features and was optimized carefully with a single goal in mind: to make your Web browsing experience as easy and efficient as possible. With this program, you will get the most out of the Internet. Although it doesn’t have as many extensions as Firefox, this little open source web browser has enough to customize it just the way you like and make it your own.

Let’s see some of the things this little program has to offer. This web browser is perfect if you love Mozilla Firefox but think it’s a bit low for your taste. The browser is a customized version of Firefox with many complex, yet almost useless, features removed. Because the code is based on mature Firefox code, the browser is 100% safe. It’s also quite secure due to custom security features and other security measures.

The browser is able to render pages faster than Mozilla Firefox and is also able to run scripts faster. In addition, stability is great – which means you get a lot fewer browser crashes. HTML5, WebGL and CSS3 are supported ‘ and work great.

Unfortunately, things like accessibility options and parental controls have been removed to make the program faster. However, very few of us actually use these features anyway. In our opinion, this is a more than fair tradeoff. As far as the user interface is concerned, this browser looks almost the same as Firefox. This means that you will not have to struggle to find various options. In addition, various Firefox extensions work with this browser as well.

Firefox themes are supported by default, so you can change the appearance of the browser easily. In addition, the web browser can import Firefox profiles quickly by using a migration tool built into the program. This means you get all your data from Firefox without effort. After extensively testing Pale Moon, we conclude that it is a very reliable and safe web browser.

Pale Moon moves faster than Firefox and looks identical. Even though some of the features of Firefox have been stripped down, this does not detract from the user experience in any way.

Bottom line, this little tool is great for people who want speed and don’t need a browser full of features they won’t ever use (like Firefox or Chrome).

Technical details

Latest version:28.13.0File name:palemoon-28.13.0.win32.installer.exeMD5 checksum:B42634035E5676BC4097CB82AB3994E4File size:33.33 MBLicense:FreeSupported OSWindows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7Author:Moonchild Productions

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