PC Decrapifier 3.0.1

If your computer is taking more time than usual to start up and perform general operations, then consider PC Decrapifier to resolve this issue. It is an application that can improve the speed of your computer by removing the unnecessary programs automatically.

PC Decrapifier is an easy to use application, which comes with a step by step manual for facilitating the users regarding the removal of the applications from the computer. You can have a close look on what to delete and what to keep because this software realizes that there can be certain files that can be useful but still stored in the wrong location, so it is you who decides what you want to remove from your computer.

You can use it directly from the USB as it doesn’t require any installation.

PC Decrapifier analyses the files in your computer and provides you with the recommendations for removal of the unwanted files and programs from your system to make it work efficiently.

Technical details

Latest version:3.0.1File name:pc-decrapifier-3.0.1.exeMD5 checksum:B8FC1873814715DAC72C94064DBE1668File size:1.91 MBLicense:FreeSupported OSWindows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7Author:The PC Decrapifier

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