PDFCreator Free

PDFCreator Free

It’s not much to look at, but this program quickly and easily helps users convert files into PDF format, and comes at no cost.

PDFCreator has a very basic interface that won’t win it any beauty contests. However, by keeping the visuals to a minimum, users will be able to quickly and easily navigate the program and get right to the task at hand. PDFCreator appears as a small, white, rectangular box with a thin strip of command icons along the top. Here you can print, look at options, navigate your files, and open new files. Below the strip is an open space that displays your selected file’s name, size, and status.

After selecting a file for conversion, users are taken to another simple screen. This one asks users to create a file name, creation date, author, keyword and subject for the soon-to-be-created PDF. At the bottom of the screen are commands for saving the PDF or emailing it. The email option instantly adds the PDF as an attachment in your Outlook email.

We were impressed with the speed and ease we converted our files to PDF with PDFCreator. There may be more flashy conversion programs available, or ones that try to do more than this one, but for those just looking for an inexpensive and simple PDF converter, this one fits the bill nicely.

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