Pencil2D Animation 0.6.4

For web and art designers, this tool is a must-have utility. It provides a comprehensive solution for all the needs of these designers. Pencil2D has its interface divided into four different windows namely the editing tool, drawing tool, color palette and the window highlighting the timeline of the features used by the user. Portability of this application makes it easy to use because you can take your design to different computers that you use or want to get your designs displayed on.

Bitmap and Vector layers are the two specific default programs with which pencil2d starts. Both of them help in drafting and finalizing the end product that you have made. Additionally, sounds and animations can also be added through pencil2d. Paintbrush and pencil are the two major utilities that you have while working on pencil2d. You can adjust the size of the nib and the feather. Additionally, specific shapes and freestyle shapes can be drawn and colored.

You can even control the timeline by hiding some of the functions that you have performed. It is mainly done to remove the editing process. Export of the final version of the design to XML and SBG file version is also possible when designs are being made in Pencil2D Animation. Apart from these animation files, images and video versions can also be exported in the respective file formats.

Pencil2D is a tool to enable the art and web designers to show their creativity and effectively manage their designs.

Technical details

Latest version:0.6.4File name:pencil2d-win32-0.6.4.zipMD5 checksum:986591D6CE9BEA3CA73AE7FEC9D6CAEAFile size:48.11 MBLicense:FreeSupported OSWindows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7Author:Pencil2D Open Source Community

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