Picolay 2020-01-25

All your images, GIF files, and also the MPO files can be adjusted through Picolay so that you can manage your pictures in a better way.

It allows you to have an overview of the picture and the modifications that you have applied to it in real time. The three tabs it has served this purpose. In the first tab, you can make the changes, in the second one, you can see the real picture, and in the third one, you can have a look at the changes that are being made for comparison.

It can allow you to create 3D images as well. Moreover, you can also create a stack of images to give the existing image an incredible impact. TheĀ 3D capabilitiesĀ of the application include the creation of hologram, rotation of images and viewing them from different angles. All such features make the pictures look different from the simple 2D pictures.

Resizing, cropping, and flipping are some of the other features that you can expect this application to provide you.

Picolay is a lightweight application to provide you with various features for efficient viewing and editing of the pictures.

Technical details

Latest version:2020-01-25File name:install_PICOLAY_200125.exeMD5 checksum:687039E0EDB11D6D023E6A36708157F5File size:7.23 MBLicense:FreeSupported OSWindows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7Author:Heribert Cypionka

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