Pinger Desktop 2.0

Pinger Desktop is designed primarily for the people who need to communicate with the others in countries where mobile services are not so cheap, or the internet connection doesn’t exist. You can interact with your friends anywhere in the world with this fantastic application which permits you to send text messages from your computer to a mobile phone.

Pinger Desktop is a lightweight software which permits everybody to send messages for free in few seconds. Doesn’t matter the country or the mobile phone operator, it works very well, and you can keep in touch with the others for free.

It is a virtual mobile phone with a simple interface, and you can very well work with it. Everybody who seen a traditional mobile phone before will know how to work with this program. After you installed the software application you will have the contacts displayed on the left side, and you can exchange messages with a chosen contact from the right section of the window. You have to know that you can send images beside text messages, this is an excellent feature for this program.

With Pinger Desktop, your friends can receive the messages directly to their devices, on the phone if the application is already installed or on the desktop. This fantastic application allows you to make free calls and send messages to phone numbers in Canada and USA and over 35 countries around the world. Sending in USA and Canada is an essential feature of this kind of software because there are not many applications which allow it.

If your contacts have installed the application, you can find them immediately by typing their numbers. If you sent a message to a specified phone number, the contact would be saved automatically for you. Also, this application can make suggestions using your local postcode.

It is very simple and easy to work with Pinger Desktop, and you don’t need to have an advanced its skills. Just add the numbers, select the contacts, text the messages and have fun. This application is designed to be useful, and it doesn’t have complicated options or buttons.

Technical details

Latest version:2.0File name:pinger-desktop_2.0.exeMD5 checksum:2D6D228AA3F62EEE97CB97F5C6F97720File size:29.6 MBLicense:FreeSupported OSWindows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7Author:Pinger

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