Pristy Tools 2.7.3

Managing a PC is not at all a simple task. It involves cleaning up the drive of the computer to ensure enough space for more storage, deleting the unnecessary files, using various features, and keeping it up to date for better performance. All these activities require time and effort of the users. But the users of Pristy Tools can manage all these functions, without needing much of the time.

There are seven different features provided by the application organized properly with a colorful interface. Although all the features provide you with improved management opportunities but the use of three of these features can make your life easy. These include Web Assistant, the System Powerless and the PC Detector.

Web assistant helps you in getting all the browser-related work done by providing all the browsers at your disposal. To know more about this feature, you can approach the help section where a newsletter can highlight the important aspects and work of this feature.

System Powerless function can help you in scheduling important tasks like rebooting of the computer and adjust shutdown timings. Additionally, the file wipeout feature can permanently delete the files that you don’t require anymore. You won’t have to fear the recovery of these files in any possible way as it makes sure that the files are permanently deleted.

With the other features available, you can configure the settings if the application to make it work in a better manner.

Overall, the features of Pristy Tools ensure that you get all the tools necessary to handle your computer in an efficient and time-saving manner.

Technical details

Latest version:2.7.3File name:Pristy_Tools_Installer.zipMD5 checksum:05636D438F80E429391556619C376888File size:2.03 MBLicense:FreeSupported OSWindows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7Author:Blaz Pristav Soft

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