Privoxy 3.0.28

Using this application, you can protect your computer from all the third party intrusions by limiting the access that the third parties can have to your computer. Privoxy allows you to create a specific list of items where you can add the unsecured websites. Additionally, you can limit the access of the websites to store your data or information. Furthermore, saving cookies can also be restricted using this application.

Even putting the parental control using Privoxy is also possible. You can restrict the unwanted content quite easily with this application. Additionally, limiting the access to the internet for better connectivity and speed is available.

Privoxy allows you to have customizable servers where you can change the configuration settings and write your own rules for managing the application, but this is a complex process and cannot be handled if you are not a technical expert. A set of detailed instructions is also provided along with the application to let the non-technical users make the changes according to their needs. But, if you read the manual and follow the instructions, you won’t require any technical help too.

Privoxy can help you in blocking certain content, reducing the amount of data stored on certain websites and managing the cookies. You can be in full control of your computer and the connectivity over the internet.

Technical details

Latest version:3.0.28File name:privoxy_setup_3.0.28.exeMD5 checksum:FB042985CB2DB366DF7AC51E7B6FD5DBFile size:470.16 KBLicense:FreeSupported OSWindows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7Author:Privoxy Developers

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