QueekyPaint 2.12.2

Designing and polishing images will be an easy thing to do if you decide to take advantage of QueekyPaint and all of the features it offers, so you will be able to make some fabulous creations with it. You will see that it will provide a multitude of options for applying different filters and also cropping or resizing items with ease.

QueekyPaint will allow you to paint with different brushes and you will see that it will help you in creating some great and amazing drawings which you will enjoy. The drawings can be made with a minimum of effort and thanks to all of the tools that this one will offer the possibilities will be endless when it comes to creating the drawings you want.

Some of the projects can quickly be turned into videos and animations. You can save these videos directly on your computer, and this will enable you to revert changes rapidly. The interface is very intuitive and is divided into three parts. The first and the most critical part is where you paint, the seconds part will be showing you the drawing tools that are going to be available, and the third will display the information and also the colors you will be using and the panels.

You will see that this one can support different types of formats and to make a new sheet, you will only have to select the canvas size from the predefined ones and don`t forget about the wanted orientation which can be chosen such as landscape, portrait, and square.

The slider can be moved to a specific value so you can select the desired dimension and it will be possible to export photos to JPEG, GIF and also PNG format. Inserting filters and customizing pictures can be done with ease with this tool and the app will offer the user a multitude of painting elements which are going to be quite common.

You can create some impressive effects, and you will also have different options to make a perfect image.

Technical details

Latest version:2.12.2File name:QueekyPaint-2-12-2.exeMD5 checksum:66F3BEC5BC1E3CDD0CEFB838EF66B743File size:1.37 MBLicense:FreeSupported OSWindows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7Author:Queeky

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