RefreshLock 2.21

RefreshLock enables users to improve the refresh rate of their monitors, which enhances the overall display quality, especially in the gaming context.

Monitors are designed to generate high frequencies, but in case of malfunctioning of the hardware or compatibility issues with the games, your monitor can be imparting low frequencies. Viewing the screen with a low rate for a long time can damage your eyes. To avoid such a problem, you can install RefreshLock for ensuring a high frequency of your monitor.

RefreshLock allows you to get the better performance from the same monitor without creating any problems with the usability. It can also be used for enabling screensaver and locking the entire computer just by a single click. So, if you want to keep your working a secret, you can go for this tool, and it will work for you.

This application does not require much space of your system and can be accessed and managed just with a few clicks, so you can get it installed and get the benefits.

RefreshLock improves the performance of the monitor, and its associated features enable you to manage the control of your screen with a few clicks.

Technical details

Latest version:2.21File name:refreshlock.zipMD5 checksum:ECCA27CAD9E0854156612BBC4C5A8A5BFile size:189.06 KBLicense:FreeSupported OSWindows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7Author:Gregory Maynard-Hoare

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