Roboget 0.5.5

Roboget allows you to ensure that your apps are running the latest versions and in good working order. If you have many different applications that you are trying to get under control, it’s smart to use something to manage them. They will not always be updated unless something is making sure they are. Many programs will not update themselves. This can help you get better performance out of your system because updates typically reduce lag.

It is a small and portable tool. When using the tool, you only need to pick the programs that you want it to monitor. It will make sure to get their updates automatically for you. The interface is minimalistic. Still, the usage is very modern and helps you with three different tabs that have possible actions. The descriptions are clear, so you should not have much trouble using it.

Start Quickly

Whatever program you want to automatically update, you just start with that. When a new version is out, it will know. You can even see if the app is still compatible with your current PC.

Customize It

By importing packages, you can customize your experience. The app does come with a database that has most features you will probably need. Still, during testing, we found that having the ability to import other items was helpful if you want to create specific names, links, and more. You can even share these links with others or use them across multiple devices.


Roboget should be something that you use if you need to update a lot of applications at once. It will save hours off your workflow, especially if you need to do it at a large level. The package itself does not take up much space, so the tradeoff is largely positive. With such portability and size, it is a good choice.

Technical details

Latest version:0.5.5File name:roboget.zipMD5 checksum:F2AE08D6E344FE730C3258D13492157CFile size:1.3 MBLicense:FreeSupported OSWindows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7Author:Mirinsoft

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