Ryzen DRAM Calculator 1.7.3

Are you getting the best performance from your PC? With Ryzen DRAM Calculator, you can calculate the best and safest RAM timing for optimized performance. The specialized calculator in the software is made for scanning the RAM and find its best configuration. Also, it can do a memory bandwidth test, inter-core latency test, and custom latency test. The new update allows it to read the timing of Zen 2.

All PC users, if they are given a chance, want their computers to work super-fast. They would like to get the best possible performance from their system with overclocking components. Most users try to improve the performance of their laptop or computer by upgrading video cards or CPU. But tweaking their RAM is less done because it is complicated and sometimes requires expensive hardware and skills to achieve it.

We all want to squeeze as much performance as possible from our systems, and this involves typically overclocking various components. While tuning your CPU or video card has become a lot more intuitive over the years, most users still avoid messing with their RAM, as the process can be quite a bit more complicated.

AMD DRAM Calculator will make this task easy and help you quickly overclock the memory to the right amount without damaging your system and going overboard with it. This software works only on the AMD Ryzyen processors.  With the this calculator, you can increase the stability of your system by setting the BIOS. It is specially designed by people who do not have technical skills to change the settings of their DRAM.

To work with this software, you will first need to obtain details about the RAM in your system. For this, you can either contact the manufacturer, use the information on the manufacturer site, or use Thaiphoon Burner to get the necessary data that will be used in the calculator. With the data, you can start the application and type in memory type, frequency, memory rank, etc. to get the calculations.

So by using Ryzen DRAM Calculator, you can get the most performance possible out of your memory based on AMD Ryzen platform by finding its best overclock timings.

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