Samplitude Pro X4 Suite

Only the best quality for your music studio: The new Samplitude Pro X4 Suite. The latest version contains an impressive range of virtual instruments and high-quality mastering, as well as restoration effects, but particularly with its optimized workflows. Samplitude Pro Suite also offers you a exclusive range of additional plug-ins and effects

Samplitude Pro X4 Suite provides the highest level of quality for recording, mixing and mastering tasks, as well as for music production. The new version contains an impressive range of virtual instruments and high-quality mastering and restoration effects as well as new, practical types of workflow. The software features significant improvements to functions such as automation editing of effect parameters and to the MIDI editor. The entire plug-in operation has been redesigned for a more efficient workflow. In addition, performance and multicore operation have been optimized, with Samplitude now offering support for CPUs with up to 32 cores.

New in the April update

The highlights of the April update include MIDI options that have been improved even further, multichannel tracks for efficient editing, the new Interleaved Recording feature and new copy functions for effects, as well as a new mixer functionality.

Only available in Samplitude Pro X4 Suite:

5 additional VST instruments included only in the Suite version: Pop Brass, Concert Guitar, Sansula, Upright Bass and Urban Drums.

Cleaning & Restoration Suite: DeClicker/DeCrackler, DeHisser, DeClipper, DeNoiser for eliminating clipping, crackling and noise from your audio files.

  • NEW: Automation lanes -Automation for track parameters such as volume, panorama or VST effect parameters can be displayed and operated in lanes inside the audio track.
  • NEW: Plug-in browser -Fast access to all effect and instrument plug-ins. Accessible in the quickest time possible through keyboard commands.
  • NEW: Optimized performance – Multi-core operation has been improved: Samplitude Pro X4 supports up to 32 CPU cores.
  • NEW: More MIDI features. – Editing MIDI automation data in the latest software version is now easier and more seamless than ever before.




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