Sculptris 6

Are you looking for a tool for managing 3D digital sculpting, then as a beginner, you can use Sculptris. It is one of the best tools for novices in digital sculpting.

You can easily create basic models of sculpting through this software, which can give you the push start of digital sculpting which can be improved by using the other advanced level software made especially for this purpose. Apart from 3D sculpting, you can also manage 3D painting and bring your imagination to reality.

It works on the clay model where you can push, pinch, twist and pull the clay virtually to give it the shape that you like. Sculptris allows you to import images from other software and refine them for a better look by detailing, displacing the objects and adding more rigor to them.

Sculptris is a virtual 3D modeling tool that can get you started with digital sculpting and painting and help you give life to your imagination.

Technical details

Latest version:6File name:Sculptris_Installer_WIN.exeMD5 checksum:0E190EAE0BD0CAD056EAAE68DB36E983File size:13.43 MBLicense:FreeSupported OSWindows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7Author:Pixologic

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