SecretFolder is one of the best applications that can allow you to hide your private data on your home or office computers. By using this application, you are not only protecting data from other users of the computer, but even the hackers would not be able to find your valuable information. You’ll also get protection from viruses and malware through SecretFolder.

Even the process of using this application is quite simple. You only need to add the files and folders that you want to hide from others, and the SecretFolder will handle the rest. Apart from hiding, some other options are also available with the users. These include adding, locking, removing, unlocking, setting preferences and providing the descriptions of your file and the overall program.

Additionally, the private data is kept entirely separate from the public data of your computer, so there is no risk involved in getting your private information leaked. Furthermore, protection from ransomware is another benefit that SecretFolder provides for the users.

Overall, SecretFolder is an optimal tool for keeping your essential information safe and hidden from other people, hackers and viruses.

Technical details

Latest version: name:SecretFolder_v6.9.0.0.exeMD5 checksum:15FFA583CD3BC509796709142ED08AA8File size:3.07 MBLicense:FreeSupported OSWindows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7Author:Ohsoft

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