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You can speed up the installation of various applications with the help of Silent Install Helper. The startup behavior you want can also be defined. Lastly, if you want to remove a program, this feature is available. Sometimes, you end up needing to install many applications at the same time. Then, later on, you need to configure your computer with another OS. This can be a pain. However, if you have a tool that speeds it up, you can save that time and energy.

Multiple Packages

You can have different setup packages. The best part is that it lets you run them automatically. It doesn’t require user input, meaning that you can let it do its thing in the background the whole time. If there are applications that you simply do not want there, it’s no problem. Just tell it to remove them.

Zero Intervention Needed

There are various installers you might want to sync with this app. Luckily, it works with almost all of them. This includes InstallShield, MSI, RAR, ZIP, 7z, NSIS, and Wise Installer. You can even demand that applications do certain things on startup, such as conduct certain keystrokes.

There are times when an installation process is stalled out. If a procedure is causing this, it can be used to stop it automatically. This keeps you from having to troubleshoot it each time.

Get Rid of Unwanted Applications

You can automatically download certain programs that make your life easier. And sometimes there might be programs that are just no longer needed. No matter what they are, you can use the tools to take care of it so you don’t have to.

With a minimalistic interface and a suite of useful installation and startup features, Silent Install Helper looks to be a useful tool for virtually any PC user.

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