Steam Library Manager

With this application, you can transfer your Steam games, create backups and efficiently restore them. Steam Library Manager provides you the ability to use it as a real library where you can store the games, retrieve them, and transfer them from one location to the other. You can categorize your games according to some filters that you can set by yourself. You can name the files, provide them a specific ID and even sort them by the size of the file.

The intuitive and modern interface provides you with all the options in a systematic way. So, you can quickly sort the files according to your needs to get easy access to them.

The current games that you are playing using Steam can be accessed from the Home Page. Additionally, you can even get the installation paths. The backup that is done through this application does not require much of your space. Steam Library Manager can compress your game files to provide you with secure storage in the limited space available.

However, one of the things that you’ll have to face while using this application is that you won’t be able to manage your files in less time as reduction of space would require additional time, and you might have to wait to get the entire process to be completed.

Steam Library Manager provides you with an opportunity to manage your Steam games in the best possible way whether it is related to backing up of the game files, restoring them or transferring them from one location to the other.

Technical details

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