Syncplay 1.6.4a

Do you share funny video links with your friends and await for their reaction? Now Syncplay can change the way you and your friends enjoy watching videos. It is a remote multimedia playback synchronization app that allows you and your friends to watch movies and videos together even though they are miles away.

The same video plays precisely at the same time, which lets you enjoy it with your friends in real-time regardless of where they live. By functionality, this software keeps media players on multiple PCs in sync at all times. It allows users to watch a video together and interact on messenger apps if required at the same time.

It is used with media players like Media Player Classic, GOM Player, and VLC Media Player. The client-server architecture synchronizes different media players by creating virtual rooms on the servers. These can be public or private ones as you set on your preference. The public servers are avoided when the users are concerned about their privacy and protection. On the private servers, users can create password-protected rooms to host their players.

This utility is not to be mistaken for online video streaming software. Its design only supports syncing of video playback across different media players. It does not open a video by itself. You need to have any of the video players already installed on your computer to work with it. It demands the media player to send hashed information about the video and sends it to the server. If there are any inconsistencies, it warns about the mismatches and duration.

The server always keeps track of playback positions across different players, and this allows it to pause and unpause videos in tandem. If anyone client pauses the video, all the media players are sent information to pause and play when any one of the clients chooses to unpause. Also, if a new player joins the room, he or she is brought to the state where other players are watching the video.

In case other players are falling behind, Syncplay will automatically set itself to slow the playback speed. If a significant inconsistency is detected, it will rewind or forward to get in the track.

Technical details

Latest version:1.6.4aFile name:Syncplay-1.6.4a-Setup.exeMD5 checksum:34749ABED26CCD16F2409FA8CE1713F0File size:15.03 MBLicense:FreeSupported OSWindows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7Author:Syncplay Team

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