TCP Optimizer 4.1.0

TCP Optimizer is a tool ready to be used, and it will be a great one for any user. The first thing you need to know about this one is the fact that it is free to use tool which you will enjoy. It will provide you with an intuitive interface which is used for tuning and also improving your internet connection. You won`t have to install anything because this tool will work well right away without any problem. It can be used with ease by any novice and also by any advanced user, and he will be able to tweak the TCP/OP parameters without any problem.

TCP Optimizer is excellent because it will make tuning pretty easy because this one makes use of some advanced algorithms to find the best TCP window for a specific connection. It also takes advantage of the bandwidth delay with ease, and it will get the perfect connection for you based on your Internet speed. It will be easy to tune all of the TCP/OP parameters such as RWIN and MTU and even some advanced settings as TOS/Diffserv.

TCP Optimizer will work with ease, and it will enable the user to take advantage of some additional tools such as testing the average latency over multiple hosts. The user will be able to check the average latency over multiple hosts. He will also be able to find the largest possible packet size (MTU). This tool is targeted towards broadband internet connections, and it will be a beneficial tool with tuning any internet connection type. It will be a completely free tool to use, and it won`t require any installation because it will be working with ease.

The user can learn more about this tool by checking out the documentation. You won’t have to apply any registry patches, and this tool can be used with ease and without any problem. It won`t be any problems if you decide to use this one out and you will see that it is going to be a great working tool which you will like a lot.

It will work without any problem, and it will also have a friendly interface which means that any user can use this one to make the desired Internet parameters they want without any problem. It will be easy to do so and to use it.

Technical details

Latest version:4.1.0File name:TCPOptimizer.exeMD5 checksum:853FD4057B5F6F449AC8AA7884E31C25File size:668 KBLicense:FreeSupported OSWindows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7Author:Speed Guide

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