TweakPower 1.103

The continuous usage of the computer can generate extra files and high amount of data in cache which can ultimately reduce the efficiency of your computer. To deal with this problem, TweakPower can provide you with a great solution. It is a bundle of tools that can handle every aspect of the problem creating hindrance in the efficient performance of your system.

Targeting registry entries, web browsers, system settings along with the parameters associated with the shutdown and booting of the computer can be addressed.  Additionally, it can also shorten the response time for the crashed applications, acceleration of disk and system.

You can have access to several operational modes when using TweakPowerEconomyStandard, and Turbo are the three modes that are available and can be accessed through the dashboard of the application. Moreover, handling cookies, image editing, managing downloads and browser history is also possible through this application.

The feature of manual tweaking can provide you with better control of your computer settings. You can adjust the response time for hung application, shut down operations and acceleration mode associated with your computer. Creating a backup or a restore point for being on the safe end when it comes to changes in the system settings can also be created.

Conclusively, TweakPower can provide you with all the features that can keep your applications working in the best possible way.

Technical details

Latest version:1.103File name:TweakPower.exeMD5 checksum:C0604BF7647090E9747EABDD0434C66BFile size:13.89 MBLicense:FreeSupported OSWindows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7Author:Kurt Zimmermann

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