Ultimate Windows Tweaker

If you need an application to tweak the Windows 10 operating system of your computer while keeping the registry files intact then Ultimate Windows Tweaker is the solution. The interface is simple so that you can easily adjust some of the settings of your Windows. These adjustable settings include personalization of accounts, management of security settings, network tweaks and changes in the parameters of the Internet Explorer.

You can even get the information of the system including the Window edition, name and domain settings, etc. Moreover, you can easily create a backup of the Windows before making any changes in it. These settings allow you to revert to the older version of your Windows, in case you don’t like any of the settings.

Additionally, managing the screen tweaks is also amongst one of the features that you can expect this application to provide you. Similarly, security, privacy and IE settings, which include the adjustment of the shutdown time of the computer, disabling hibernation and setting the registration information for the Windows, can also be managed.

Ultimate Windows Tweaker can easily allow you to adjust parameters of your computer including the browser, security, display and functional settings of your computer.

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