Uplay 104.0 Build 7325

Uplay is a gaming platform developed by Ubisoft similar to Steam or Origin. It allows you to buy, download and play Ubisoft Games. If you purchased a game produced by Ubisoft, it would be added to your Uplay account. To do this, you must install this application and after that add the game key for sync. In few seconds the game will be activated, and you will be able to connect and play on Ubisoft servers.

Today the technology evolved and you are not able to play and to feel the full gaming experience without buying games. Multiplayer games on producer servers are playing only with buying the games. Making friends, socialize, playing in a party and more features are available only on gaming platforms like this app.

A significant advantage using it is that you can access your entire games library directly from your account. Whenever you need to play Far Cry or Call of Juarez, select the game and start playing. The application is working for you, the games are fully verified before start playing, and the settings are made automatically for providing you the best possible experience. It will know how powerful is your computer and the games are optimized for you.

This application is a social gaming platform, so, you will be able to add your friend’s contacts, you can send messages, you can invite them to the party to play specific games together.

Also, another important and useful feature of the app is the reward system, that can keep track of your gaming progress. So, it can unlock possible content for your games. To enable this the app takes into consideration how much you are playing, how good you are and how is your reward system. For example, you can play a single player game, finish few levels for unlocking the possibility to play online with your friends. When playing multiplayer games with your friends from the platform, you will get prizes, gifts, and more surprises. You can get boxes to open for winning game items, and you can create your group, play together and win together.

Having an account on Uplay, you will be updated with information on the games by Ubisoft. Periodic you will receive emails and discounts for games, you can pre-order games with huge discounts. Indeed is a significant advantage to have an account because you can download games in beta mode or games which are not on the other platforms.

Uplay is, in any case, simple to utilize and features the data you require most. There are a lot of features which can offer you simple navigation through your gaming library. With only 2-3 clicks you will be able to open the game and to have fun. The interface is pretty simple, it’s loading fast, and it can run in the background without getting hurt your computer’s performances.

Don’t forget to socialize; this is a social-gaming platform, you will meet new people to create communities for having fun!

Technical details

Latest version:104.0 Build 7325File name:UplayInstaller.exeMD5 checksum:2D1A7ADAAE4E9A4AF69C91B4379E266BFile size:124.16 MBLicense:FreeSupported OSWindows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7Author:Ubisoft Entertainment

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