VEGAS Production Assistant Pro Review

Magix Vegas Production Assistant Pro Software opens the creativity and functionality of Vegas Pro software with a set of batch processing and workflow automation tools, saving hours of tedious editing work.

The VEGAS Production Assistant Pro includes tools to automatically insert crossfades between clips, add and customize lower thirds, and create photo and video montages from your media. It also streamlines common tasks such as stereo to mono split, crossfade creation, audio ducking, and archiving.

Setting up a VEGAS Pro project as a template – with your regularly used titles, lower thirds, credits, and empty placeholder events – is a powerful way to save time on repetitive tasks. The Production Assistant takes efficiency to a whole new level. Simply select the media you want to replace with placeholder slugs, click to process, and voila! Your project is ready to go. With project templates, you’ll never have to start with an empty project again!

Batch processing in the VEGAS Production Assistant Pro goes well beyond your run-of-the-mill media encoders. You can select multiple files, multiple output formats, and walk away while VEGAS Pro and the Production Assistant Pro output every format you desire. But what really sets the Production Assistant apart is the ability to treat multiple files with processes such as image overlay, aspect ratio convert, broadcast color correction, normalize audio, reduce interlace flicker, adjust playback rate, and more.

Imagine being able to insert a card into a card reader and walk away, never touching the application until after a finished video file is complete! With this plug-in, a template can be specified which allows a project to be completely hands-free from card insertion to final output. Insert a memory card, and VEGAS Production Assistant Pro will auto-transfer content to folders on your hard drive. This process ensures that all of your footage, along with all necessary files, is transferred successfully from the memory card to your machine.

Magix Vegas Production Assistant Pro Software Features

  • Batch Processes
  • VEGAS Pro Audio and Video Effects
  • Add Video Bumpers
  • Cine-Look
  • Image Background/Underlay
  • Widescreen Converter
  • Create Markers
  • Broadcast Color Process
  • Crop Aspect Ratio
  • Montage Tool
  • Advanced Ducking
  • Global Resampling Control
  • And Much Much More!




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