Has playing video games alone made you bored now? You can now use Voobly. It is the platform to provide you the opportunities for social interaction while playing your video game. The communication between the users through this applciation is usually game focused. So, your problem of getting bored even when playing a video game can be solved efficiently.

You can choose the right chat room that you think will help you in boosting your skill level in the game or will provide you with additional fun. For this, you’ll have to create an account on Voobly after which you’ll have access to the list of games that are supported for interaction and playing by the forum. Based on the choice of game, you can have access to different chat rooms that are relevant. Announcements, notifications from friends and your chat with the other players are present on the main window. So there is a less likelihood that you would miss any information or update from your friend list.

One of the limitations of this application is that you can find the list with all the possible games supported by Voobly, but you might not have it in your PC, so you’ll have to install it separately and then play and chat with the forums available.

You can also create lobbies or forums for a chat. The privacy of these lobbies can be restricted to your friends only, so it can even go public. It all depends on you. Messenger is also present and can provide notifications as you would expect from a general social application.

Voobly is a social networking and gaming application that can provide you with a forum to interact with your friends and other people playing similar games.

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