WindowFX 6.05

WindowFX will let you supercharge your Windows experience, and you will see that this one is going to bring to you the polished and reliable Windows enhancement capabilities you want. Thanks to this tool, you won`t have any problems with adding some additional features to your Windows.

These features will make your Windows truly special, and all of the capabilities of this operating system will be improved if you decide to use this tool out. It will allow you to quickly animate Windows and also start menus with different effect and some slick animations. It will also offer you an improved, polished and reliable window enhancement.

You will see that it will be easy to choose from different animations and even movement customizations and window resizing options for your experience to get better.

WindowFX is going to make your Windows experience to look cool, and it will also help you to focus on the most important things such as controlling the desktop icons and background windows. You can choose from over 30 animated effects. Some of these animations will also have some additional substyles, and this means that it will be possible to customize your Windows extraordinarily.

You can explore more than 20 Start Menu animations by using this one out. Users will manage, and different mouse features can easily be modified to include for example some dynamic shadows which will allow users to set the light sourcing onto cursors.

You can also control the window effects and transparency with this one. By double click, it will be possible to hide icons on your desktop if you don`t want other users to see these icons. If you double click on your desktop, you can remain focused because this action will hide all of the icons on your desktop.

Technical details

Latest version:6.05File name:WindowFX-sd-setup.exeMD5 checksum:3346F335241A431CFE7D93CA54ECE9CCFile size:17.71 MBLicense:TrialSupported OSWindows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7Author:Stardock

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