Windows 10 Lite 9.0

You can use the slim version of the Windows 10 with better privacy by using this application. During the installation, this tool eliminates the extra hassle involved with the scheduled tasks, file types, and association. Moreover, in this version of the Windows, even Windows Defender will not work.

Windows 10 Lite requires the understanding of the command prompt interface because it only works through it. So, if you aren’t an advanced user, this application isn’t for you.

The process of using Windows 10 Lite is simple. You will have to extract the files so that you can have them at easy access. Make sure that the internet of your device is disconnected to ensure that no new updates are installed. After you begin installation of Windows 10, you’ll have the option to manage the settings of your Windows. At this point, you can limit or restrict specific programs to create the lite version of the Windows 10.

This application is particularly useful for administrators, gamers and the power users.

Windows 10 Lite allows you to use a lite version of the Windows 10 by disabling specific programs and applications.

Technical details

Latest version:9.0File name:WinLite10V9.zipMD5 checksum:F0DFFA712AD1A0696CD8B62A2DB6AB0DFile size:10.29 KBLicense:FreeSupported OSWindows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7Author:sickdroid

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