Windows Phone Recovery Tool 3.14.7501

Windows Phone Recovery Tool is a freeware application that you will love. It is an excellent working tool which was made by Microsoft for Windows to recover the data from any Windows phone. This tool comes in handy when it is used for any Nokia or Microsoft phones which run Windows Mobile and it also provides a way to record bricked devices.

Windows Phone Recovery Tool will help you recover and also reset your phone software without any problem, and it is a beneficial tool to use primarily in the case when your phone has software related issues or even some software updating problems. If you are using Windows Phone models, it will be really easy to recover your phone if it isn`t responding.

This tool can also be used in the case your phone appears to be stuck or is not starting and this is why it is an excellent idea to make use of this tool in any situation. By using this tool, you will see that all of your content stored on your phone will be erased. This one will also wipe your apps and even your games, so be sure that you know about this because all of your app data and also game progress will be deleted after you use this tool.

You will also have to deal with the removing of call history, music, messages and even photos and other things stored on your phone. If you want, you can quickly back up your phone first by using the backup set in the Settings tab of your phone.

By using Windows Phone Recovery Tool, you will see that it is an excellent choice for you when it comes to updating your phone firmware. A lot of experts recommend this tool because it is an easy to use one and any user can take advantage of it every time. You will see that this one has a friendly interface and you will know what to do with it after you get it from us. You can be sure that this one will be working well in any conditions and you won`t get any error messages.

This application is an official tool made for Nokia and Microsoft phones which will help you a lot and it will help your devices recover without problems.

Technical details

Latest version:3.14.7501File name:WindowsDeviceRecoveryToolInstaller.exeMD5 checksum:ED10C970430F5B4EC9C412E60BF676A8File size:2.32 MBLicense:FreeSupported OSWindows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7Author:Microsoft

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