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Microsoft Windows installed on your computer can be managed through Windows Repair Toolbox, in a way that is meant to enhance the overall productivity. This software helps in the evaluation of all the problems faced by Windows along with the solutions to repair the diagnosed problem.

All the programs of the this utility have been designed to be portable. Even all of the programs are categorized under headings to facilitate you to find the relevant program easily.

You do not need to monitor the repair and clean-up functions of the application. Instead it will automatically work, and you will get a notification email about the logs of the clean-up project, detailing all the relevant data regarding your computer.

AVLeftovers” is another functionality contained in this application, which allows the users to find the incomplete security programs present in the computer, which are usually the cause of problems. Through this function, you can uninstall all such functions manually.

Another important aspect of using this tool is you can add or remove the list of programs by yourself and customize your Windows Repair Toolbox. To evaluate the performance of your computer after the completion of repair, Windows Repair Toolbox can also perform the quality check. This quality check is to ensure that the software has fulfilled its functioning correctly. Even this software allows you to make notes and store them with the repair process to use it later on.

Overall, Windows Repair Toolbox is a one-click solution to all the Windows problem that require clean-up or repair of the system.

Technical details

Latest version: name:Windows_Repair_Toolbox.zipMD5 checksum:95A46F9E4779F4D9842B0497285991B2File size:2.93 MBLicense:FreeSupported OSWindows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7Author:Alexandre Coelho

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