If you are a high quality music fan, WinISD helps you calibrate your loudspeaker and calculate different types of filters. The  main aim of the application is to guide you through the necessary steps of designing best setup for the loudspeakers to enjoy high definition audio files.

Technological and electronics knowledge is required to use this tool out because it calculates functioning parameters and generates plots. it needs experienced users and can easily be used to create closed, bandpass and vented boxes and also multi-way speakers.

It leaves the interpretation, mounting and assembling parts to you. You need to pay close attention to all of the technical terms because there is a risk of adding the incorrect entries and if you do so, you have yourself a non-working model.

WinISD provides you support for a wide range of speaker drivers, and it is also possible to create your very own driver configuration from scratch by entering your data manually. You need to follow the manufacturer`s specifications.

By using guidelines, you can determinate the best course of action. These loudspeakers are usually mounted inside an enclosure or a cabinet. You can configure the speaker model`s properties by changing the power level, the number of drives and even distance.

WinISD can help you create the perfect loudspeakers environment which offers high-fidelity sound.

Technical details

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