WipeFile 3.6

WipeFile is an application to help you remove the files or folders from your computer in a permanent manner. It guarantees that the files deleted through this application won’t be recovered through any means.

It is one of the powerful applications that serve the purpose for which it has been developed. Moreover, the application’s design is intuitive to make the entire process of deleting the files and folders easier.

There are filters available in this app that ensures that you can search the relevant files and delete them with great ease. Overall, it is optimal for usage by the beginners and the advanced users alike.

WipeFile provides you with 14 different wiping methods. These methods provide you with various processes and features for deleting a specific file or folder from your system.

One of the problems associated with this application is that it does not have any help material in the English language. So in case, English is your first language, you won’t find any help while working on this application. Apart from this limitation of the application, the other benefits help make it one of the optimized applications available for this purpose.

The process of wiping the data is not very long as well. You need to spare a minute for the entire process to be completed. Moreover, this tool can also be integrated with Windows Explorer. It will be easier for you to access the program from the context menu.

While using it, you must make sure that you are deleting the right kind of files and folders because recovering them after deleting won’t be an option.

WipeFile is an application for the permanent deletion of files and folders from a particular computer.

Technical details

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