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Yandex Browser is a web browser to provide users with a different experience when compared with regular browsers. The interface of the application is clutter free because of which you can get a broader space to view the content that you have searched. Additionally, the loading speed of the browser is extremely high even in cases of low-speed internet connection. Moreover, it also warns you about the SMS fraudsters, malicious websites, and other malicious content that could be harmful to your device.

With it, you can expect to have the personalized experience as this browser analyses your interest and provide you with the relevant stuff on the home page. You can even give feedback to the browser to customize your home page feed even further.

It also has a built-in turbo mode. With this mode, if the browser, you will not have to face the problems in the load speed of the pages. Whenever your connection would be slow, the turbo mode will activate on its own, enabling you to load your pages with high speed and reduced data usage.

Another feature of the Yandex Browser is the DNS spoofing protection. This technology enables the browser to stop the spam. Protecting the private details, including the bank account information is also included in it.

Furthermore, another feature that makes this browser different from the other browsers is that you can get the exchange rate and the weather forecast on your browser directly. Additionally, finding the website without remembering the complete address is also possible through this application.

The background of the browser can also be changed according to your needs. You can switch it where never you require it.

Overall, Yandex Browser is a unique browser offering a number of features that can compel you to consider it for use over your default browsers.

Technical details

Latest version: name:Yandex.exeMD5 checksum:8EAC1753A47029F545466A48B0C5F62EFile size:132.5 MBLicense:FreeSupported OSWindows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7Author:Yandex

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