ZeroNet 0.6.5 (rev3864)

ZeroNet is a software that can help you browse the Internet with a hidden identity, establishing a secure peer to peer connection. The primary advantage of this software is the decentralization. The decentralized environment makes it possible for you to share your content directly with your peer without the threat of interception of your message at any unwanted locations.

You have to download it and rit it directly. There are no configuration settings involved that can make your operations challenging to handle. Additionally, you don’t need any passwords to access this account on ZeroNet. That is because the cryptography used to protect your account is same as that of your wallet.

It also provides you with a guarantee of establishing a fast connection built on Bitcoin cryptography and BitTorrent network. You don’t have to expect lag times with this tool. Even the speed of your internet would not affect its functionality.

Your privacy and IP identity remain hidden using this tool. Another important thing about this software is that it is open source and you can use it free.

ZeroNet is a free, reliable, fast and decentralized platform, which enables users to create websites and maintain secure safe and anonymous browsing experience.

Technical details

Latest version:0.6.5 (rev3864)File name:ZeroNet-win-dist.zipMD5 checksum:292CE12D37F2F4CAC3D2B61892D57EA7File size:15.67 MBLicense:FreeSupported OSWindows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7Author:HelloZeroNet

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